Hrush Gets It!



Last week when my sister ran to me yelling, at first I was like 'what the hell' but then when she got the words out her mouth and was like 'Hrush is at New York Fashion Week wearing one of your pieces' I was shocked! Honestly every time that Hrush wears one of my pieces, I feel all giddy in anticipation to see how she wears it.


My sister actually first noticed the piece on Kim Kardashians snap, and this triggered me to go on Hrush instagram to see how she wore it and although the nude outfit wasn't posted I was even more shocked to see that she wore a different piece to a prior show. I'll be the first to admit that I do not stay on top of my social media for TiKeDi as I should but lord that was a great thing to see when I logged in. I fell in love with this look so much, that she had me reconsidering how I rock my own label (I'm a simple tshirt and jeans kind of gal). But guys I can't front, I stayed up all night scouting the internet and instagram trying to find pictures of the outfit she wore THAT day to the Yeezy show.




Why so pressed? Because number one it still surprises me that people rock with TiKeDi and actually want to have and wear my creations, and two it was at Kanye's show. Everyone knows I am in love with Kanye, and for some reason people tend to step up their game more during fashion week, and even more when it comes to Kanye shows. And although it took almost 24 hours via a tagged photo to see the outfit once again Hrush did not disappoint.


Simply said she kills it every time! Not only does she kill it, but she just gets it! Thank you Hrush for rocking with TiKeDi and showing out, all NYFW long. 


Photos by Harpers Bazaar | Pieces worn are the Disgoh and Vega

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