Love Me Forever or Never


In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought this post, this shirt, and life update was necessary. So let me start by saying Happy Valentine's day love bugs! This day is just not for people in relationships, but for single gals and guys to indulge in a little self care and self love, if need be. I know me, personally, I dove head first in the self care ocean (do not disturb has become my best friend) and haven't come out yet.


I purchased this shirt a while ago but just reconnected with it this weekend in my closet aka the sea of black. Seriously how ironic is it that I find this shirt, this week, and during a time where I am throwing myself back into the social and dating pool (deep sigh). Ya'll this dating shit is hard, and seems impossible.  


Is it me or does everyone require too much attention? Honestly, I feel like I cannot baby and give attention to someone that is an adult when I have to baby my baby (my business). People really underestimate how much time and energy goes into doing your own thing, trying to have your slice of the pie. And I've come to the point where I won't deal with the 'we don't talk as much anymore', 'you're not paying any attention to me' or 'you never have time for me' complaints. It's as if, at the end of the day I have to choose between work life and my love/social life. 


As a twenty eight year old woman, I'm definitely not at the point where I feel like throwing in the towel but helloooooo. We all know time waits for no one, hell I was just 17 the other day (or that's how it feels). But what I do know, is that I cannot allow people to take parts of me they like, and rip apart, drain and try to change the other parts they don't. I am one, so everything I embody is delivered in one package. 

Boy it feels good coming into my own.


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