Don't Gas Me

I live for a good outfit, and for me a good fit consists of being:

cute and


and this outfit fits the bill. As I am getting older, I realize I don't have the desire to actually get dressed anymore, so anything that makes me look like I attempted is a win for me

I know when I posted a picture of this tee on my instagram a lot of people were looking forward to getting their hands on it but at the final hour (right before I was going to shred it), I decided to throw it on and keep it for myself. I can't lie to yall, so I won't but I definitely wore this out for a girls night out and the bouncer at the club was like 'I'm feeling this whole goth look'. Seeing as he was this big ole burly looking thing, I took it as a compliment. 

Yall me and these shoes have been going strong for about six, seven, maybe eight years now. ASOS definitely won me over with these, which is why their slacking as of late is a real heartbreak for me. But....

In other news, I am still trying to decide if I want to bring this bag to TiKeDi for the VIII XXIX collection but I am feeling like it is more fallish than springish (although, I personally would wear it year round).

Cardigan, Choker, and Pants Downtown Virgo  |  Bag TiKeDi  |  Tee Vintage  |  Shoes ASOS