Layer It On


One thing, I have been trying to do is to get people out of the misconception that you can only wear TiKeDi when it is warm out. That idea is false, just like anything else, there is an art to our pieces.


The art of layering, is one I love. Layer, layer, layer, the more the better. I personally live by the ideal that you can always take off, if you have too much but you cannot add what you do not have. 


I suggest wearing the complete destruction tee as if it's a basic tee/undershirt, then throw on a flannel or any button up on top of it for added warmth. Finish it off with your favorite moto jacket, a bomber jacket would look cute too.  Finish off your look with a cute bag. If this weather is any indicator of how winter 16' is going to be, I'm going hands free and this faux fur fanny pack will be in heavy rotation. 

Complete Destruction Tee | Walmart Flannel | JCP Jacket | Jeans | Dr. Marten Boots  | Downtown Virgo Fanny Pack